Old classic style tanks that last a life time now made with new technology.




Why are all good water tanks made from steel?
Simply because they look good and they last


Here’s 7 reasons why people prefer Water Tanks built by Queenslandwide Tanks…


  •   Save Money – factory direct

  •   No upfront deposits required

  •   Surprisingly affordable or even free*

  •   Made with Aquaplate steel – backed by a 20 year warranty

  •   Add value to your home – stylish looking tanks

  •   Will last and look better longer than most other tanks

  •   You deal direct with the owner!



ADDED FREE Bonus valued at $97 

All tanks supplied come fitted with

  •         A pre-installed Government Approved strainer to prevent leaves and foreign objects entering your tank
  •          1 x Overflow outlet at the top
  •         1×1 Inch Outlet at the bottom for hose connection.

Click here to find out more benefits

*based on current State Government rebate


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